Punjab Government Tablets Scheme 2013 For School Boys & Girls From 6th to 10th Class

Punjab Government Tablets Scheme 2013 For School Boys & Girls From 6th to 10th Class – Punjab Govt Tablet Scheme – Punjab Government Laptop Scheme – Punjab Government Electric Scooty Scheme – CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Tablets Scheme For School Children – Shahbaz Sharif Education Reforms 

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Modernizing the educational system in Pakistan seems to be the manifest of Pakistan’s current Government. PML(N) is focusing on providing quality education right from the roots (Primary Schools). The eYouth scheme started by CM Shahbaz Sharif has now been introduced at the federal level, as Prime Minister has announced laptop scheme for College and University students. Another step has been taken by Shahbaz Shairf who is consistently working to reshape the educational policies, and he has been working to redefine and replacing the old educational system. After successful laptop scheme Shahbaz Sharif has announced Tablet PC scheme at the middle school level. According to announcement Punjab Government is to distribute Tablet PCs in Schools for the grade 6th to 10th students (Punjab Government Tablet PC Scheme). Prime Minister has already announced scheme for digitizing the learning for students of higher grades known to be “Prime Minister Laptop Scheme”. Shahbaz Sharif has announced Tablet PC Scheme for students of grade 6 to 10.
CM Tablet PC Scheme
CM Tablet PC Scheme
Like every political party, PLM (N) is working hard for the betterment of educational sector and is introducing policies to attract children towards education.Government of Punjab has taken steps to enhance standards of education and learning in Punjab province. After extremely popular laptop distribution scheme for Punjab colleges and universities, the main focus this time is shifted towards schools where Tablet PC scheme has been announced. Punjab Provincial Education Minister, Rana Mashood Ahmed has announced that tablet PCs will be distributed among Punjab Government schools from 6th to 10th grade. Very soon the bags fully loaded with curriculum books will be replaced by a light weight tablet PC that would contain all the books in soft forms. This step will definitely reduce the burden of parents to buy new costly textbooks every now and then. Tablet PCs also provide easy learning opportunities with lots of tools like searching topics and matching pictures that were not available with hard bound textbooks. Nonetheless, there might be some dark side of the pictures also that should be kept hidden from children by proper attention of parents.
The decision of distributing Tablet PCs to students of Punjab Government Schools was made at Foundation Assist School Program (FAS) meeting held at Arts Council Hall, Multan. The meeting was attended by Managing Director of Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) Dr. Aneela Salman, Deputy Managing Director Salman Anwar Malik, higher officials of FAS programs, teachers and heads of schools from Lodhran, Multan, Muzaffargarh and Khanewal. Dr. Aneela Salman said during the meeting that PEF has always worked for maintaining and enhancing standards in schools education in Punjab, and is now taking an innovative step to reduce the illiteracy rate in the province. The program of Tablet PCs distribution will help 200 new low cost schools and will help providing resources of education to children.
The contents of all the hard bound books will now be transferred to Tablet PCs which will cost Rs. 5000 approximately. Punjab Provincial Education Minister, Mr. Rana Mashood said that a British company and a software company have been hired for manufacturing the desired Tablet PCs and the program will be finalized in meeting with Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. He further added that our educational system has many shortcomings and deficiencies which need to be account for very quickly. The importance of modern tools and means for pursuing education is well known to every person in our country. So it is the time to take a brave decision to induce the flavors of modernism in primary phase of education and train our children to adapt to technological standards to compete with highly innovative world and prove themselves the future leaders of the nation. This step will ease out burden of students to lift heavy bags and will help reducing back problems at very early age. The entire syllabus from 6th to 10th class will be on Tablet PCs and the software will be easy enough to be grasped by children of modern age.
With the introduction of electronic devices as the sources of education, the students will easily be lured into playing games and doing other idle habits on these Tablet PCs. It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to avoid installing anything that would waste time for children. Such restrictions may also be incorporated by the software company manufacturing these Tablet PCs. Nonetheless, there are always two sides associated with any picture and bad side should not be exposed to children to avoid wasting their time. The other issue might be the security of these mini-computers as children at this age don’t feel sense of responsibility at such a young age. So these Tablet PCs should be taken care against theft or physical damage. Lastly the provision of internet on these Tablet PCs may or may not be initiated taking into consideration that internet traffic in Pakistan is rarely focused on academic purposes and research especially in schools. Rather internet is mostly used as a source of fun and entertainment. Most notably the social networking sites have gained attention of every youngster and even children at the age of 10 or even below are using Facebook, Twitter etc. They keep chatting all day long and don’t pay any attention to their studies. Keeping in view all these facts, Government of Punjab is taking a bold decision to infuse modern technology into the blood of children in schools and should be introduced after considering all the aspects eliminating all negative considerations.


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