How to find people on facebook by gender and age

Today I'm going to teach you the secrete of finding people effectively on facebook. You can find people by their Gender,Name,Surname,Area,Age,School,College,Their interests,Mutual friends and What not ?? You have so many options to search People on Facebook  with no effort !!!

For your convenience a pictorial description also given.
So here we go ...>>>
1.Go to facebook and Login.
2.Now click on 'Search Box' and click on 'People I May Know'.

3.Now a window appears and on the Right hand side Under 'Refine this search' you can find various categories to refine your search most effectively.

4.Now click on 'SEE MORE'.

5.And now all the search categories displayed on the Right Hand Side.

6.Now go to any category and choose your option.

7.For example >> Go to > Gender > Click > Female ...and also you can Go to   > Name > Type Any name      or Surname.

8.Go to > School > Enter any school or College Name.

9.For finding by area.... Go to > Current city or Home Town > Enter city name

10.For finding friends of a particular friend ....Go to > Friendship > Enter your friend Name.

11.Even you can sort this search by 'AGE' but most of the women will not put     their Date Of Birth ,So if you      choose this option probably you may loss       most of the women profiles.....but for girls They can choose this option as       every Male person on Facebook put their Date of Birth....So they can easily     find Men between Particular Age limits.

12.Apart from these there are so many other Options also there just go for      them if you want even more advanced search.

   That's it Guys.......But don't forget to appreciate our work, Please Comment your feedback and also any doubts regarding this.

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